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  • Double Decker Bus Timetable - Siziwan Line || 10:30、11:30、14:00、15:30、17:00

Siziwan Line start at Pier-2 Dayi station, stopping at Guobin Port. Tourist can take the bus and enjoy the scenery of Yan-Cheng、Ha-Ma-Sing and Siziwan which are the oldest downtown of Kaohsiung City.

Siziwan Line Ticket office : Pier-2 Port

Siziwan Line Bus Stop : City Suites (Dayi st.)


  • Double Decker Bus Timetable - Times Line || 16:00、17:30、19:00、20:00

Times Line starts at Dream Mall, stopping at Guobin Port. Tourist can take the bus and enjoy the scenery of  Kaohsiung main public library、Kohsiung Exhibition Center、Liuhe night market and Central park.. Etc. This route can take the tourists to explore the development of Kaohsiung City.

Times Line Ticket office : Blue Whale building of Dream Mall 1F

  • Love Boat Guobin - Ren'ai  Circular Line

Guobin - Ren'ai  Circular Line starts at Guobin Hotel. We offer guide service to introdeuce the scenery and the history of Love River.Tourist can see the famous spot like Zhongzheng Bridge、Holy rosary cathedral、Movie library、Ren'ai park and History museum along the way.

Guobin Port Ticket office 


  • Love Boat Guobin - Pier-2 Line

Guobin - Pier-2 Line is the new route of Love Boat. This Route starts from Love river, then goes through Aisa new bay area, and goes into Kaohsiung Port finally.We also offer guide service for tourists to introduce Kaohsiung Port and it's history.

  • Love Boat  Pier-2 - Kaohsiung Port Circular Line

Pier-2 - Kaohsiung Port Circular Line is just for the tourists in Pier-2. Tourists can see the sight of old warehouse at Pier-2、Aisa new bay are and Yan-Cheng by taking the boat.

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